The dilemma:
In the rural areas of Nepal, the quality of education is still very low. Governmental schools have teachers who generally lack basic teaching skills and possess a knowledge of contemporary English. In addition, most of them are not acquainted with friendly teaching methods and child psychology. They are teaching in a manner that has not changed over the past twenty years.

Our aim:
Care For All – Nepal tries to uplift the general level of education in every possible way; we build schools, give teachers additional salary when the governmental salary is too low to stimulate them, and provide Teachers’ Training programs.

We believe it is good to work with local trainers, because they know the culture and the contemporary problems in Nepal’s educational system. Education should not eradicate existing culture, it should only be a tool to grow stronger as a country.

Our method:
The training course normally consists of a five day program, and a two day refreshment course, although we have also worked together with the British council in a twelve day program.

We aim at attaining the following objectives:

  • To provide teachers with basic and fundamental skills in teaching.
  • To help them create a child friendly environment at their school.
  • To facilitate them with basic English communication and teaching skills.

Their results:
During the refreshment course, the teachers informed us that their classes were more interactive; the children paid more attention and were easily accessible. Though five days was not enough to fully improve their English, the teachers said that they were reading books and doing self-study. We are working on a good way to measure the results of the training.