The dilemma: 
For students from the rural areas of Nepal, it is difficult to finance their study in the city. There are not much part time jobs available in the city with which they could finance their study. Some of them discontinue in the middle of the course, due to their financial problems.

Our aim: 
Care For All – Nepal tries to uplift the general level of education in every possible way; we build schools, give teachers additional salary when the governmental salary is too low to stimulate them, and provide Teachers’ Training programs. We think it is a shame when a talented student is not able to complete his/her study due to monetary problems. By helping students financially, we aim to uplift their home communities, because they will bring their knowledge along with them when they go home.

Our method: 
Together with the teachers  from the campus area, we select a student. The student should be talented as well as economically needy. After the selection, we also visit the selected candidate’s village to see what is the economic condition of their home and family. We always ask for a contribution from the parents, so they will have more affiliation with their child’s study.

Their results: 
With the first scholarship we gave, the student Jaya Prun (picture above) could continue his study. He is studying sociology at the Prithivi Narayan Campus – the  governmental university/college in Pokhara, Nepal. He is an enthusiastic learner, and has good results in his exams. Beside that, he is an enthousiastic and talented painter, and sometimes he sells a painting. We have
good hopes for his future.