Additional teachers
In the rural areas of Nepal, some of the schools do not have sufficient teachers. The reason for this, is a lack of governmental funding. As a result, sometimes a teacher combines classes of different ages and levels. The result is that either higher level students are held back in their education, or lower level students are ignored. To counter this shortage, FCFA and CFA-Nepal have appointed extra teachers – in participiation with local government and society – to balance the number of classes and teachers. Currently FCFA and CFA-Nepal guarantee the salaru of three teachers.

Sanitation projects
Sanitation – or rather the shortage of – is a common problem in the rural areas of Nepal. This can cause severe impact to the healh conditin of especially young childern. Filed research showed out that in those schools without any sanitation facilities, more children stayed away from school due to illness compared to those in schools with facilities. For this reason FCFA and CFA-Nepal construct sanitation facilities at schools or even in remote villages like in Baglung area.