FCFA Netherlands

The Board of Management of Foundation Care for All Netherlands consists of 3 boardmembers which are assisted by 5 advisors:

The boardmembers are:

  • Mark van den Eijkel              : Chairman
  • Koerd de Jongh                      : Secretary
  • Ed Sligchers                            : Treasurer

FCFA receives structural advise by he following persons:

  • Jelle Wouters                             : Strategic advisor
  • Bart Tabingh Suermondt        : Legal advisor
  • Elke Wouters                             : Coordinator Women Literacy Project
  • Lianne Cremers                         : Coordinator Internships
  • Helena de Jong                          : Advisor and volunteer
  • Jolijn de Nooij                           : Advisor and volunteer

The boardmembers and advisors in The Netherlands conduct their work on 100% voluntarily basis.

CFA – Nepal

The Nepali Board of Management consists of 7 members. Of these members, 2 persons are full-time employed by CFA-Nepal. These persons are responsible for the planning, coordination and evaluation of our projects in Nepal.

Team CFA-Nepal consists of the following employees:

  • Sthaneshor Adhikari (Sthan)     : Director
  • Manju Thapa                                 : Coordinator Projects

In addition, the following people are members of the board of CFA-Nepal:

  • Mitralal Paudel
  • Ramchandra Acharya (Raju)
  • Indira Adhikari
  • Bina Acharya
  • Sarada Acharya

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