To continue our work for the underpriviliged people we need to secure a certain come. Only by this we will be able to develop a mid term planning and assure sustainability to our work. Appointing extra teachers for instance is only a valid option when we can guarantee their income for a longer period. You can support us by means of a monthly, quarterly or yearly financial contribution. Of course also single contributions and or provision of your professional services are more than welcome.

Some examples:

For € 22,50 each month we can appoint one extra teacher. A Women Literacy Program costs € 150 per month.

The average annual income of people in Nepal is about € 220, or less than 1 Euro per day. Every single Euro of your support can truly help us to make a difference in Nepal.

If you are interested in supporting our work and want to make a contribution, please fill out the machtigingsformulier , print it and sent it to Schuitvlotstraat 23, 4503 AK, Groede, the Netherlands. Of course you can also transfer your contribution direct to our account:

Accountno. NL20RABO0126298157
attn. Foundation Care For All

Online donation
when you prefer to make an online donation, please click here. Please note that by using this option 10% of your contribution has to be paid by Foundation Care For All to the provider.